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Excellent Selection



Excellent Selection certified pellets were created for the most demanding clients. Specially selected dry sawdust of coniferous trees were used for production. Distinguishing feature of Excellent pellets is very high calorific value and a low amount of ash.


Technical parameters:

  • Total moisture content < 10%
  • Ash content < 0,3
  • Calorific value > 18,5 MJ/kg
  • Bulk density > 650 kg/m³
  • Fines content (dust in a bag) ≤0,5%
  • Mechanical strength >98,5%


  • Diameter = 6 mm, 8 mm*
  • Length ≤ 40 mm*
    *tolerance ± 1mm

Owned certificate:

  1. Certificate EN Plus A1 no. PL 303

EXCELLENT SELECTION pellets advantages:

  1. Very high quality –specially selected, dry sawdust of coniferous trees were used for production.
  2. Excellent Selection pellets are characterized by with a very bright colour.
  3. High calorific value - more than 18.5 MJ/kg.
  4. Amount of ash, which remains after combustion - blow 3 kg of every burned ton.
  5. It does not include harmful substances and does not emit smells terrible and unpleasant for a human.
  6. Clear in usage - unlike other solid fuels, such as coal, for example, eco-pea coal, coke or coal dust, it does not soil rooms.
  7. Its values were appreciated not only by many users of pellet stoves, but also producers of boilers.

Excellent Selection pellets are produced from specially selected, dry sawdust of coniferous trees. By purchasing Excellent you have the reliability that only wood was used to produce it.

We guarantee 100% of WOOD


Collective package

65 or 70 15 kg bags with pellets with a diameter of 6 mm or 8 mm

The packages are arranged on a pallet.


packing weight from 1000 kg

Pellets in BIG BAG can be packed onto a pallet at the buyer’s request


Transport in bulk up to 24 tons:



Mooving floor


Transport of pellets on a pallet:


Mooving floor





Pellets have to be stored in a dry place, not exposed directly to weather conditions. Bags with pellets have to be isolated from a floor by placing them on pallets.


  1. What are the advantages of using pellets?
    - high calorific value – approximately 5.3 kWh of a kilogram of pellets (1 ton of pellets equals 470 litres of heating oil; 572 m² of natural gas; 429 L of LPG gas; 0.79 t of coal, e.g. eco-pea coal),
    - little amount of ash remaining after combustion,
    - easy to store,
    - does not have harmful substances,
    - does not emit smells terrible and unpleasant for a human,
    - unlike other solid fuels, it does not soil rooms.

  2. Where pellets can be used?
    Pellets are universal fuel, due to which it is possible to heat non-residential, residential buildings or public utility facilities of any type. Pellets proves itself everywhere, where a user expects comfort of boiler room use, high performance, and appreciates environmental aspects.

  3. Why it is appropriate to use certified pellets?
    Having EN Plus and DIN Plus certificates indicates the highest quality of pellets. A client receives the guarantee of repeatable quality of the product and the boiler operational safety. Quality is confirmed by obtained tests results included in a given standard. Additionally, the producer is systematically subjected to the procedure of quality inspection.
  4. Cheap pellets without an attestation. Is it worth to buy such?
    The purchase of pellets, which is not certified is subjected to the risk of:
    - damages of a pellets boiler,
    - large amounts of ash,
    - problem with lighting pellets in a burner,
    - lack of the possibilities of reaching demanded temperature,
    - scales creation.
  5. Does a pellets boiler work quietly?
    Noise level emitted by a pellets boiler is slight. Taking into consideration the fact that the boiler has to be located in a separate room, its operation is not burdensome for users.

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